Hush: The Wind In The Willows

It was a real pleasure working with Dr Catherine Crock and crew from the Hush Music Foundation. Hush volume 12 'Wind In The Willows'. Wonderful cover photography by Vanessa McCaughley over at

West Space 10 Years

Celebrating West Space 10 Years—the limited edition official brew to help commemorate West Space's tenth anniversary 1993–2003.

West Space Hand Made Beer received an AGDA award of Distinction at the 2004 AGDA National Biennial Awards.

Gaspar Noe's Irreversible and I Stand Alone box set

Rutledge Design created the packaging for Gaspar Noe's box set/double DVD release

in Australia.

Fritz Lang's M

Rutledge Design created the packaging for Accent Film Entertainment's DVD release

of Fritz Lang's M.

9 Songs DVD

Rutledge Design created the key art for Michael Winterbottom's 9 Songs cinema & DVD release in Australia. All campaign creative designed by Rutledge Design.


Publication with essays and audio CD from project involving sound artists and visual artists. Harmonia was based on the collaboration of six visual artists with six sound artists to produce installations on site at West Space. Harmonia addressed and explored the interdisciplinary approaches utilized by many artists today. This CD and publication has been produced as a document of the the project and to extend its reception further especially into the sound art/experimental music arena.

Harmonia is packaged in a custom-made button and string cardboard envelope. This project won a Museums Australia Publication Design Award in 2003.