Organisation for Cultural Exchange and Mishap (OCEM)

Organisation is a working document/publication for the OCEM exhibitions: Para/Site Art Space Hong Kong 27 June–27 July 2003, West Space 4–26 July 2003. This is the first Organisation document which records some of the issues ideas and images that constitute Organisation for Cultural Exchange and Mishap. The document includes an overview of Organisation and the project, three essays (Chinese and English versions), discussion surrounding the project from email correspondence, colour pages of artists work and other inserts. It is a working document that operates as a working book, albeit lavishly produced, for this exchange project between Melbourne and hong Kong artists.

Organisation received an AGDA award at the 2004 AGDA National Biennial Awards.

Caroline Durre: The Poetics Of Geometry

Caroline Durre is a Melbourne artist who has held fourteen solo shows incorporating painting, drawing, printmaking and wall painting, in Melbourne and Sydney. Currently lecturer in the Department of Fine Arts, Faculty of Art and Design, Monash University. Caroline commissioned Stephen to design this publication to coincide with her solo exhibition The Poetics Of Geometry at Latrobe Regional Gallery, Morwell, Victoria in 2010.

Space Traffic

Co-published by West Space and Para/Site Art Space (Hong Kong), Space Traffic: artist-run spaces beyond a local context chronicles Space Traffic, an international artist-run space symposium held in Hong Kong, December 2001. The publication contains papers tracking the issues involved in operating artist-run organsiations in different parts of the world

as well as commentary and critique on the symposium.

Resistance Through Rituals

As part of the Resistance Through Rituals project, West Space has released this publication. Written texts by the coordinator Lisa Kelly and participating artists consider the local significance and scope of artists’ research and self−organised exhibition practice. Here the working methods of the involved artists and groups are aligned and brought into dialogue through image reproductions of artworks, project documentation and related visual material.

Resistance Is Futile

Resistance Is Futile was an exhibition that originated from the discussion and critical examination of the Star Trek phenomenon. Comprising specially commissioned works, it examined the ongoing importance of the Star Trek series and films within popular culture. This revealing and sometimes playful exhibition adeptly employed the Science−Fiction genre to provide new avenues for the discussion of historical and contemporary cultural issues such as exploration, colonization, immigration and imperialism.

Designed to have a low−fi fanzine appearance—complete with clear zip lock bag.

View Masters—Remix

View Masters—Remix was an ambitious international project undertaken in partnership between West Space and Osaka Arts Aporia. The project looked to expand the existing View Masters concept, which originated out of Osaka Arts Aporia, by lending a cultural exchange element between the sister cities of Melbourne and Osaka, and by incorporating visual arts installation practice within the framework.


Publication with essays and audio CD from project involving sound artists and visual artists. Harmonia was based on the collaboration of six visual artists with six sound artists to produce installations on site at West Space. Harmonia addressed and explored the interdisciplinary approaches utilized by many artists today. This CD and publication has been produced as a document of the the project and to extend its reception further especially into the sound art/experimental music arena.

Harmonia is packaged in a custom-made button and string cardboard envelope. This project won a Museums Australia Publication Design Award in 2003.

A Time Like This

This publication was produced for Melbourne University Faculty of the VCA and Music.


A recent publication for VCA Margaret Lawrence Gallery which presents both a selection of projects shown over the past few years and commissioned essays by VCA colleagues and recent PhD graduates.